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I - La Violence (Violence) With some elements from Prokofiev's "Sonata for 2 violins," this movement is about violence and it's many forms hence the title "La violence." There is nothing "nice" about this movement.

II - This movement is untitled as I did not wish impose a mental image upon the listener and performer. You'll hear the first fragment of "Dies Irae" that emerges from the shadows. This is the only "happy" movement.

III - Angoisse (Agony) This is a harkening back to all the bad theory homework over the years in college. From the bad counterpoint to the solemn melody that appears later, this is a of a person who hides their pain away lest it spill out and cause horrendous repercussions.

IV - La valse/devenir fou (Waltz/Going crazy) With elements of Ravel's La Valse and Weinberg's Cello Concerto, this movement represents a quick escalation of a deteriorating mental state hence the going crazy title. For a time things seem to dissipate only to come back even worse than before it crashes.

Sonata for Solo Viola

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