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This duet is for the founders of City Six Strings. I chose the title due to place I live and how I've been acclimated to each season.
I - With boisterous character and despite all the rain, when spring comes it brings with it all the flowers and butterflies that can be seen.
II - There is a reason why most good events happen during the summer with warm weather and no academia to worry about it is often the most productive time of the year.
III - Depending on where you fall on the fall vs autumn label, this season brings sweater weather and all of the holidays people most enjoy. Whether it's loads of candy or a massive feast, fall/autumn always has something to provide
IV - By far the worst season and especially after this year, I can say nothing good about it. I didn't title it simply "winter" but rather for the biting cold that grips my bones.

Duo for Violin and Cello "The Four Seasons"

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